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25,May 2018 | 10:19 am
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Frequently Asked Questions


  What is Network Marketing?

Network Marketing is a simple, legal, ethical, potentially lucrative business system - now being used by Fortune 500 companies like Virgin, Cable and Wireless, Sprint, and many others. The key point is that products and services are passed directly from the manufacturer to the consumer, bypassing all the middlemen. The savings generated by this simple distribution system are paid to the teams of distributors in the form of bonuses and retail profits.

How much money can I expect to make?

This is your own business - so you decide how much money you want to make! Just retailing products to friends, family and work colleagues, you can expect to make around £200 per month. Significantly larger incomes arise from building a team of people who are doing the same as you - using these great natural products themselves and sharing them with others. There is no limit to the size of income you can achieve. The income is quite small while you are learning the system, although with hard work and commitment it can grow rapidly. Within three to five years, incomes of more than Rs. 1,00,000 (1 lac) per month and more are realistic

Will I have to quit my present job?

No. Over 90% of people start their Network Marketing career on a very part-time basis. 7 - 10 hours a week is normal. As your Network Marketing income grows, build up a reserve of funds for yourself. Then, when your Networking income outstrips your salary, you can re-evaluate your position. That way you have security and an income while you learn and develop your new business. It is likely that your networking income will provide a better pension pot too!

Is Network Marketing a stable business system or a passing fad?

For well over half a century Network Marketing has been growing steadily as a business system. As computer technology has developed to handle huge volume distribution, it means many multinationals, including Virgin and Body Shop, are using Network Marketing to grow specific sections of their business. Far from becoming an obsolete fad - Network Marketing is truly the hyper-growth industry of the future.

How much will it cost me to get started?

The actual amount will vary according to your needs and goals. Starting a home- based Network Marketing career is ridiculously low in cost, in comparison to virtually any other forms of small, home-based business. . There are only registration or membership fees which is Rs. 3000. It is not necessary to buy lots of equipment since you really need just a phone and space to work in to get you started. A computer will be very useful for online purchasing and you may want to build a website.. There may be other incidental costs - your own business cards, purchase of company flyers, training materials, DVDs etc. Again, we advise you to keep these as low as possible when you start. We want to help you make money, not spend it! Your sponsor can recommend the appropriate products and literature items to help you get started.

Will I get the training & support I need?

Absolutely. FLP has a well-established training & support infrasructure in place around the country - you can simply plug into it. Network Marketing is also a team effort, it is a classic win-win situation. If we help you become successful and make money, then we benefit too.

Do I have to know lots of people?

No. Although it's surprising just how many people we all do know without realising it. You only need a few good people who are serious about changing their lives and who have a real desire to make it happen. Unlike a traditional job, everyone is a potential candidate for your business. It may appeal to people who are excluded from traditional employment, such as retired people whose pensions are inadequate, mothers at home with children, people with no qualifications etc., as long as they have a strong desire to create additional income and improve their financial prospects and their health.

Our Plan:

No Level
Members Total
1 400 3 1200
2 160 9 1440
3 80 27 2160
4 40 81 3240
5 48 243 11664
6 92 729 67068
7 229 2187 500823
More you get members, more you get earnings. As you can see, you get your money back just at the time of your first 3 members only.
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